What is Home Improvement?

Basically, home improvement or what better known as home renovation, is a simple process of making additions and repairs to your home in order to improve and strengthen its structure as well as appearance, thus making it truly one of a kind.


Choosing Flooring for your Living Spaces

With your living spaces being the areas of your home where you spend the most time, it often takes slightly longer for a decision to be made in regards to which flooring to choose.

Many consumers will follow the latest trends to ensure their living spaces are modern and up to date, so we have tried to predict the latest trends.

Parquet wood flooring is traditional style of wood flooring that was originally installed in 16th century French chateaux’s and has recently made a resurgence. Parquet flooring is a traditional style of flooring that is usually installed in dining and living rooms as it creates a unique and sophisticated appearance. It tends to be quite expensive to install parquet flooring, especially herringbone, which is the most popular style of parquet flooring and is usually laid at a 90-degree angle to create a broken zigzag effect. As previously mentioned, installation can be expensive and that’s why the latest trend in 2017 is parquet tiles. Even though the initial product is more expensive, you save money during the installation process as they are manufactured to create a tongue and groove joining method. These tiles also allow more striking patterns to be created on the boards; patterns which would be nearly impossible to recreate using regular parquet installation methods.

Dark shades are also likely to be trending in 2017 as blacks and dark browns create immense amounts of warmth and a sense of comfort. Black carpets would be the obvious choice for customers, however black vinyl; laminate and even engineered boards are becoming increasingly popular. A carpet will replicate a comforting texture where as the new high gloss engineered boards create a shine that truly brings a living space to life. These extremely modern boards are also very durable, as it is fairly difficult to scratch the chic finish. Many new builds are furnished with white décor and the dark shades of flooring contrasts brilliantly with a light coloured interior design.

There is also one particular lighter shade that is currently trending and that is a pale grey floor. Not only does a pale grey appear classy and sophisticated, it reflects natural sunlight brilliantly ensuring customers can take advantage of little sunlight in the winter months. Some consumers can be put off by the idea of grey floor, which is why white washed oak is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact the natural oak shades still seep through.

Modern styles will always be recreated and seep through, although many consumers prefer to stick to traditional floors. This is why distressed wood floors are also making a comeback. Distressed wood is usually popular in period homes as the large knots and blemishes tend to match the natural character that is created throughout the aging process of the house. The splits in the wood are also left unfilled allowing this rustic grade of wood to bring the great outdoors into your home.

When choosing a floor for a living space it is important the take the width of hard floor boards into account. If the space is fairly small then consumers should always be looking to purchase fairly thin boards with a width of 125mm or less. Thin boards in a small room have the ability to make a room appear larger and extremely spacious. However, if you install thin boards in a larger living space then it will make the room appear cramped. Any boards of 130mm or above should be installed in a large living space, as this will ensure the room retains its spacious appearance.

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