What is Home Improvement?

Basically, home improvement or what better known as home renovation, is a simple process of making additions and repairs to your home in order to improve and strengthen its structure as well as appearance, thus making it truly one of a kind.


Different Types of Shower Trays for Different Shower Enclosures

From the advent of Showers that enables us to have a hygienic wash similar to that of a natural Waterfall within the confines of our house, bathing has become an experience to rewind and rejuvenate.

Using Showers in bathrooms had its issues. Water from the shower was found to be splattering on the walls and across the bathroom floor, making it wet and slippery. And as all are aware, water falling constantly on any surface makes it lose its strength, due to which the sealing joints of tiles starts to wear out, loosening the tile and become a cause for accidental injury to your legs sole.

This was basically an opportunity for widening the scope of Showering by providing Shower Enclosures, so that water is retained within the limits of the Enclosure. Designers across the world now started designing Shower Enclosures which was more of a reclusive place to achieve relaxation, comfort, zen and peace, than just a showering area.

You will find Showering Enclosures in all shapes and sizes that will enormously add glamour to your bathroom. Selecting a Shower Enclosure is totally based on your bathroom space layout. Since Shower Enclosures are vertical installation it is preferred over bathtubs, as it saves floor space.

Shower Enclosures range from the basic Walk in type, where with the help of Side Panels you can earmark a zone just for showering to luxurious Steam Cabinets that provide a Sauna experience. Intermediate you will notice that the Shower Enclosures range for compact and mini bathroom to bathrooms that are lavish, luxurious and opulent.

Shower Enclosures with Biā€“Fold doors are best suited for Compact bathrooms due to limitations in space. For standard, medium and large sized bathrooms Shower Enclosures with Pivot Doors, sliding shower doors, Cubicles and Quadrants are available. Shower Enclosures also comes in a variety of makes like Square and Rectangular for Back to Wall, Corner, Freestanding, Quadrant and for Corner installation. Shower Enclosures are made of either of Clear Acrylic, Clear Polycarbonate, Glass, Safety Glass or Toughened Glass. The profiles or frames are made of either Aluminium or Steel or any Fibre Re-inforced material. Shower enclosures are made watertight with the use of Rubber that has multifaceted features of holding the Glass Panels, absorb shock and make the Shower Enclosure Watertight.

Though a Shower Enclosure can be used without any base, it is prudent to install a Shower Tray. Shower Trays are available according to the shape and size of the Shower Enclosure. Shower Trays are also available in variety of sizes and dimensions to demarcate the showering zone. With a plethora of options between trendy bowed shape, square, rectangular, quadrant and customizable lengths; Shower Enclosures in conjunction with Shower Trays are your best bet for a highly functional and watertight showering experience. Shower Trays are also very rigid and robust. They can easily carry your body weight and are also a long lasting durable fixture. The joints of tiles gets eroded due to the constant and continuous battering by Shower drops leading to cuts on your soles. A Shower Tray acts as a barrier in preventing such injuries caused due to the sharp tile edges or loose fillings. It also prevents maintenance of floors.

Shower trays with easy plumb kits are the best option for your showering zone. Easy plumb kits are quintessential for adjusting the height of the shower tray, while giving the shower tray great support. With the added height and adjusted inclination towards the Waste hole, it is easy to affix the Waste outlets and dispense waste water.


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