What is Home Improvement?

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How to Repair Venetian Blinds

Are your Venetian blinds misbehaving? Like most blinds owners, you likely open and close your window blinds daily. Any disruption in their functioning can therefore become a small yet festering source of annoyance. Tangled strings, missing slats, broken bits, oh my!

Fortunately, you can repair most Venetian blinds problems without calling upon a professional. Here are some tips to help with do-it-yourself Venetian blinds repairs. While you’re at it, you might also take this opportunity to make your blinds dust-free.

[Note: Certain do-it-yourself blinds repairs can void the manufacturer’s warranty.]

*Materials you Might Need*

  • Replacement lift cords
  • Ladder tape or ladder string
  • Replacement slats
  • A window-sized work surface, such as a large table
  • Scissors or a utility knife

1. Lower your Venetian blinds completely. Adjust the slats to the open position by using the tilt wand or cord, if possible. If your blinds are stuck, lower them individually by hand.

2. Unclip the blinds and remove them from the brackets. Set the blinds on a wide table or other suitable work surface.

3. Remove the blinds’ end caps, if applicable, and the cover for the bottom rail. Removing the bottom rail cover will expose the tied or taped ends of the lift cord.

4. If you need to replace the blinds’ ladders, disconnect them now. Otherwise, only disconnect the ends of the lift cord. You can find these tied or otherwise affixed to the rail.

5. Pull the two lift cords up through the slats. Pull as far as required to remove any damaged slats and allow room for their replacement. Then, feed damaged slats onto the ladders. Next, reattach the threads to the bottom rail. Finish this step by installing the bottom cover and end caps.

6. If you’re replacing the blinds’ lift cords or ladders, pull the cords all the way up to the top or “head box” of the blinds system. Then, disconnect them from the head box and slats. Slide the slats onto your new ladders. Affix these ladders to the head box and bottom rail. Weave the lift cords through the blind slats and tie or clip them to the bottom rail.

7. Feed the ends of your new lift cord into the head box. You will see two pulleys. Pull one end of the lift cord over one pulley and direct the other end over the second pulley. Feed the cords through the slats until you secure them to the bottom rail. Then, install any end caps or rail cover.

8. Hang the blinds.

9. If necessary, cut any excess cord to help keep children and pets safe.

10. Congratulate yourself! You’ve just repaired Venetian blinds.


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