What is Home Improvement?

Basically, home improvement or what better known as home renovation, is a simple process of making additions and repairs to your home in order to improve and strengthen its structure as well as appearance, thus making it truly one of a kind.


Sanding Your Hardwood Floor

You have already invested a handsome amount of money installing the hardwood flooring in your room, so if there is a possible way to cut the cost on sanding, you should probably try it. And, that is actually possible by doing it on your own. The basic knowledge and skills required to get this job done properly is important and this is why many people are worried and scared to handle such a work themselves. They would rather stay away than starting this home improvement project.

It is not so good to spoil your investment though, because this is not something that you are trained to do. Anyhow, it's all up to you to call a professional or handling the entire project alone. The worst might happen if you are too nervous while operating the sander machine in a wrong way. So be prepared to learn a thing or two from interior designing books and get a better picture of what might happen through some articles about how to sand a floor on the Internet before you kick start the project.

But if you are keen enough and ready to do it now, first take a look at the thickness of your floor. The thickness measurement will decide whether you will be able to sand the floor by your own or otherwise you might need to hire a professional to do the work. Any thickness that exceeds three-quarter inches, you can do it yourself. Other measurements that are thinner that that, you'll have to seek for professional help. To put it simple, the thicker the floor is, the easier it would be to sand them by your self.

Next, would be getting all your equipment readied. There is no need to buy a sander machine since you are only sanding one house, hence you can rent one in any available rental store. Just be careful about renting a machine. Make sure they provide you with all the manual and regular accessories. Ask the store operator to demonstrate to you how the machine works. And finally, get a dust mask and practice it on a piece of plywood before moving it onto the floor.

Planning is crucial, no matter what home improvement project you are doing. In order to sand hardwood floor, you have to move all your furniture away to some place for a period of time before you can move them back in. It might be a week or longer, depending on how long you need to complete the job. Time is another concern for you as you are renting the machine, so you might want to arrange a proper schedule to do the work as well with the rental store. This is not an easy job, but the reward will definitely be well worth it.


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