What is Home Improvement?

Basically, home improvement or what better known as home renovation, is a simple process of making additions and repairs to your home in order to improve and strengthen its structure as well as appearance, thus making it truly one of a kind.


Thuka Beds for Kids

Selecting the best kids beds can be very handy. It is very difficult to choose the children beds that best suit their room and are cover just enough space. Parents often want the kids to share bunk beds with stairs or simple bunk beds so that the room can still have space for other furniture. If you are going to buy a thuka bed for your little one’s you can have a choice among three types of children beds.

  • Standard kids beds
  • Cabin bed (mid sleeper beds)
  • bunk bed (high sleeper beds)

Regular children beds

The regular children beds are usually similar in size to the adult beds and are wider than the bunk beds or standard cabin beds. These beds have a removable mattress option that provides a space for keeping the old toys and other stuff your kids don’t use on a regular basis. Some of the regular thuka beds come with special conversion feature which means you can turn them into mid sleeper beds and high sleeper beds also known as bunk beds.

Cabin beds/ mid sleeper beds

Cabin beds or mid sleeper beds differ from normal kids beds in their height. There are usually 3 feet higher from the floor. The space under the bed is meant for playing. The thuka beds offer a colored clothing to decorate this play area. There is a ladder that can be attached to one side of the children beds so that the younger ones can climb up to the bed. Parents prefer the cabin beds over standard children beds because they provide space for playing and storage.

High sleeper beds/ bunk beds

High sleeper beds as the name suggests are quite high above the floor level. They are also called bunk beds. The 5 feet space can be used for two purposes. Either you can make it a dual cabin bed. That means you can attach another bed under the higher one and make space for two children to sleep. The other option is to leave the space as it is and make it a study area or play area for your young ones. The thuka beds will offer you both choices and it is for you to select the bunk beds you like the most.

High sleeper beds have a better range of options than a cabin bed.

Why choose thuka beds?

Thuka be ds are one of the leading brands in the children beds category. They obtain pure wood from reliable sources and convert them into splendid and unique kids beds designs. The bunk beds and cabin beds are specially designed for kid’s room and have a large variety of colors to choose from. The high sleeper beds and mid sleeper beds both come with a colorful clothing option that can be used to decorate the play area beneath the bed. A standard thuka bed is quite comfortable and can also use a fabricated cloth on one side of the children beds.


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