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Tips on Hanging Christmas Lights on Your Roof

Christmas is the time for celebrations and lights. Every house is decorated and lighted up with all those beautiful stars and colorful little decorative lights hanging on the windows and the roofs. That is when you know it is Christmas. So, now all you want to do is climb up on your roof, put up those lights, and get your house ready for Christmas as well. But wait until I give you some tips on hanging Christmas lights on the roof in a far better way than what you did last year and also without damaging the roof.

Choosing the Lights

Well when it comes to roof lighting until now it is either the blinking rope lights hanging on your roof or the net lights blanketing it. So, what's new? Though it may not look any different from the traditional lights there is now a new variant in the market called LED lights. They are far more energy efficient and have a better lighting than their traditional counterparts. In addition, as if this wasn't enough for you to choose these over the traditional lights, LED lights also come in longer strands being almost 5 times longer than the traditional lights. Which of course means that you do not have to put in 2-3 extensions just to light the roof? For most houses, a single LED rope or net light will suffice. Additionally, it also comes in pure white, which is unlike the traditional lights that are often yellow but actually white. Choosing the lights to suite your taste is one of the important things to do. The lights are available in all colors and shapes which could match any nook and corner of your house, but then you have to make sure you chose the one that actually goes with the settings around it.

Safety First

It is always important in all tasks like these to make sure that one always uses a sturdy ladder to climb on the roof and do make sure you have a helper while doing the work, always remember that safety comes first. Make sure that the wirings are properly insulated. Be conscious about overheated wires, aluminum gutters, and ironwork decors. The last thing you want is to get a shock from Christmas lights on Christmas day. I would suggest keeping the lights to eaves, gables and the edge of the roof for people with less roofing experience. You could call in the pros if you want more lighting on other areas of your roof.

Lessen Roof Damage

The good news about Christmas lights on the roof is that fixing the lights to the roof will not cause damage. Avoid the old-fashioned nails, hooks and screws and try insulation tapes, which are non-damaging on your roof as well as on your pocket. They are less expensive, easier to use and most importantly do not inflict any damage to the roof. Thanks to the lesser weight of the LED lights, it's even easier to hang them using the tape. There are also these plastic clip holders, which can hold heavier lights if you wish to use traditional lighting.

Author Bio: Larry Smith works at Roofer 911 a Virginia roofing company that can handle any roofing job.


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